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Unlike the other motion types linearangularwutodesketc. This is the most flexible of the motion types, and can be used to simulate unconstrained or partially constrained movement of objects within an active flow field.

Free-Motion is always flow driven, and is defined by enabling or disabling any of the six degrees of freedom. Limits can be defined for each degree of freedom, ahtodesk collisions with walls, static and other moving autodesk cfd 2019 free are automatically detected. Forces can be applied augodesk objects in free motion as well as gravity. Objects in free motion cannot pass through other solids, walls, symmetry or surfaces with periodic conditions.

They can, however, pass through openings such as fluid boundaries with specified velocities, flow rates, or pressure conditions. Meshing Autodesk cfd 2019 free. Care should be taken when defining the mesh for free motion analyses. For the constrained motion types, the path cffd the жмите is known, and the mesh can be refined within that path. This often reduces the crd requirements on other areas of the model that do not directly influence the motion.

In a free motion analysis, however, the path is often less autodesk cfd 2019 free, so a higher mesh density may be required throughout more of the model in order to adequately resolve the motion of the object. Meshing Considerations Care should be taken when defining the mesh for free motion analyses.

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With the Free Surface modeling capability, you autodesk cfd 2019 free dynamically simulate the interface between liquids and gases. This ability is essential for modeling flow phenomena such as waves, sloshing, and spilling.

These are flows that occur in nature as well as in a wide range of engineering applications. You can use Free Surface to simulate many different applications. Here are several examples:. When constructing and autodesk cfd 2019 free up the model, consider the model in terms of the liquid. Be sure to include the liquid regions in the CAD ссылка. Assign materials and boundary conditions based only on the liquid.

Consider regions occupied by gas air to be void of liquid. CFD runs free surface simulations as transient, and automatically computes the time step.

To enable Free Surface:. After the free surface simulation is complete, you can visualize the resultant liquid volume.

Physically, the free surface phenomena covers a wide range autodesk cfd 2019 free physical applications. However, there are some limitations in the simulation model. The Free Surface model does not simulate the autodesk cfd 2019 free applications:. At the start of this example, the reservoir on the left is full, and the one on the right is empty. The reservoirs are separated ссылка на продолжение a retaining wall with a gate cut-out to allow water to pass between the reservoirs.

Geometry : The two reservoirs and the pass-through gate were created as separate parts in the CAD system. Materials : Water is assigned to all three parts. Boundary Conditions : There are no inlets or outlets because the flow is contained within the domain. No boundary conditions are applied. Note that a pressure condition is automatically applied at the liquid-air interface, so it is not necessary to apply an additional pressure boundary condition in this model.

Initial Conditions : Because the reservoir on the left starts full of water, apply the HOF initial condition to it. Mesh Sizing : Use Automatic Sizing, autodesk cfd 2019 free refine the mesh autodesk cfd 2019 free the air and water will interact. In this case, that is primarily in the gate and in the right-side reservoir.

Solve :. Results :. Autodesk cfd 2019 free you can see, the water flows from the left reservoir into the right reservoir until the water level in the two is the same. Here are several examples: Liquid movement within tanks Sloshing: How a liquid moves in a partially filled autodesk cfd 2019 free.

Examples of tank motion include seismic effects and mobile tanks in transit. Mixing: Concentration of different liquid species. Valves: Open channel flow. Setting up a Free Surface Simulation When constructing and setting up the model, consider the model in terms of the liquid.

Assign a liquid material to the autodesk cfd 2019 free that contain or will contain fluid. Do not assign a gas material to a part if it currently contains or will contain liquid. CFD does not allow multiple materials to be assigned to the same part. To indicate where the liquid enters the domain, specify a flow boundary condition velocity, volumetric flow rate.

Autodesk cfd 2019 free the geometry such that autodesk cfd 2019 free distinct volume exists for the initial liquid level. Note that to access the Height of Fluid condition, change the selection mode to Volume. The liquid enters the domain because of the specified flow boundary conditions. Mesh all fluid parts and parts that the liquid will occupy, even partially. The mesh requirement for free surface simulations is high. A fine mesh is required in regions where the liquid autodesk cfd 2019 free air interact.

Be sure to define a fine mesh distribution at the liquid-gas interface as well. Click Free surface on the Physics tab. On the Free Surface dialog, check Enable free surface.

Specify the acceleration forces acting on the liquid by setting the Gravity vector. You can also specify more acceleration components with the Acceleration settings.

These commands are useful for simulating body forces such as in a moving tank. Click here for more about the Free Surface dialog.

The “ADV 1” advection scheme is enabled by default, but it is a good idea to verify that ADV 1 is enabled for your simulation. To do this, click the Control tab on the Solve dialog. Click Solution Controland click Advection Select ADV 1 if it isn’t already selected. Visualizing Free Surface Results After the free surface simulation is complete, you can visualize the resultant liquid volume.

The liquid-gas boundary is represented by a VOF value of 0. To see the liquid movement, display VOF as an iso surface, and enable vectors:.

Limitations of the Free Surface Functionality Physically, the free surface phenomena covers a wide range of physical applications. Example of a Free Surface Simulation At the start of this example, the reservoir on the left is full, and the one on the right is empty. Specify a gravity vector. In this case, gravity acts in the -Z direction, so set the Earth gravity directional unit vector to 0,0, Specify the number of time steps were used for this simulationand click Solve.

Results : To view the shape of the flow, click Iso Volumes from the ribbon, and create an Iso Volume. Click Enable Visualization from the Free Surface context panel in the ribbon. To animate the filling process, right click off the model, and Animation. On the Animation dialog, click Animate, and the Play button. If you do not specify studio 19 update free value for results Save Intervals, you will only be able to see the last time step in the simulation.

Note: When running Autodesk CFD on there cloud, there are several flag settings that are useful for reducing the upload and download time. Parent topic: Physical Models.

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