Designing and Managing Integrated Marketing Channels MCQs with Answers- Part 5

But they are not stored indefinitely, the term of use also ends. Not perishable – such products can be stored without observing the temperature regime for a month or more. Under the condition of storage, the exposure of sunlight to products and humidity is taken into account.

We recommend that you use your own judgement and consult with your own consultant, lawyer, accountant, or other licensed professional for relevant business decisions. The offering is for perishable products a channel has to be used targeted to consumers and non-business users. The method of claim 24 wherein said first agent is drawn from a group consisting of O3, F2, H2 O2, KMnO4, HOBr, HClO, O2, Br2 and I2.

Therefore, it is important to have a reliable and accurate sensing and control system to monitor the fresh produce activity. It is a truism to say that market conditions are not static and that they keep constantly changing. When there is a change in the overall marketing environment, it is essential to review the channel policies and decisions. When there is an economic slump, producers try to cut their marketing expenses and resort to the shortest and the least expensive channels of distribution.

Apple promotions will increase sales of pie crusts, kitchen timers, caramels, crushed nuts, skewers, colored cellophane bags, ribbon and gift tags. As diverse as the plasma systems, treatment conditions and food matrices used are, so are the various inactivation successes and influences on product quality. Overall, however, the potential of CP application for dry products is evident. The upper diagram demonstrates the correct way to facilitate normal airflow and uniform temperature management by positioning the load divider door away from the “B” end of the railcar. The lower diagram illustrates the wrong way to load a railcar; in this case, short cycling of conditioned air occurs when the load divider door is position away from the “A” end of the railcar.

Successful storage and packaging systems rely on maintaining conditions appropriate for the fresh produce stored inside. Maintaining optimal respiratory gas composition inside storage and packaging of fresh produce is crucial and the best preventive method to obtain the best quality produces. To maintain optimal composition of respiratory gases, precise measurement of the same inside a storage or packaging system is really important and crucial to produce quality. However, this could be difficult as the condition inside the system keeps changing constantly due to produce respiration.

This is necessary in order to consume the product no later than two to three months from the time of freezing. In-store product demonstrations, weekly specials, coupon offers and multiple-item purchase offers all increase sales, and not just for the product that you have chosen to promote. Promote strawberries, and you also sell sponge cake, whipped topping and candied cherries.

  • Order Size Manufacturer – he can sell direct to big organisation and use wholesalers to sell to retailers.
  • Body organs for transplant must stay between 4 and 8 degrees Celsius or 39 to 46 degrees Fahrenheit from the time of harvest from the donor all the way through to the waiting recipient.
  • It also means that the competitors have been successful in using such channels over the long run.
  • Those products that require demonstration or installation or rigid after sales service are often sold directly to customers.
  • Thus, not only through showrooms or authorised dealers, the product can be made available through retailers who keep various brands.

Here, size and average frequency of customer orders influence channel decision. The manufacturer must select those middlemen who provide the best marketing services like storage, transportation, credit and packing etc. At the same time the middlemen should ensure various services to customers.

Factors Influencing Choice of Distribution Channel – Product, Consumer, Company, Middlemen and General Considerations

Disadvantages with vacuum packaging, however, include the purplish color induced in meat products which often times diminishes the appearance of such products for purposes of retail sale. Vacuum packaging also results in the creation of an undesirable liquid exudate which is caused by package pressure differential. If the choice of channels is proper, fluctuations in production may be reduced. The manufacturer can obtain data regarding sales and stock of the middlemen and exercise control wherever he feels necessary.

for perishable products a channel has to be used

There is usually a difference between the products made by manufacturers and the assortment or combinations desired by the users. For example, a hockey player may need a hockey, a ball, gloves, helmet, sport-wear, and a pair of shoes. Perhaps no manufacturer produces all these products in desired combinations.

Distribution Channels – Definition, Types, & Functions

Consistency in the company’s product mix ensures homogeneity of its marketing channel. Factors affecting channel selection in marketing management may be classified as product characteristics, market factors, company characteristics, middlemen considerations, and environments factors. The required sales volume will have to be predicted on the basis of trend analysis, past experience, industry-wise data, interpolation, extrapolation, regression, etc. Accordingly, the firm has to choose the distribution channel in order to achieve the targeted sales volume.

for perishable products a channel has to be used

The first step of such a method is to seal the product in a fluid tight container while the product is exposed to an oxidizer, e.g., O3, F2, H2 O2, KMnO4, HOBr, HOCl, Cl2, ClO2, O2, Br2 or I2. By exposure to one or a combination of such oxidizers, the microbial presence on the exterior of the product will be substantially reduced or even neutralized. Multichannel Conflict – Exists when a manufacturer takes the help of two or more channels to reach the customers. For example, a manufacturer sets up a showroom as well as factory outlets.

Antimicrobial Packaging of Beverages

Regulating price levels by regulating the supply of goods in the markets. More goods from the buffer are released when supplies are less and less is released when supplies are more in the markets. Meeting the financial needs of people who store the produce by providing value for the goods stored. While the FCI uses its warehouses mainly for storing food grains, the storage capacities with CWC and SWCs are used for the storage of food grains as well as other items. Intensive distribution is about placing the services or goods in as many as outlets as possible. Good distribution policy should be embarked on for effective distribution process.

for perishable products a channel has to be used

If the unit value is high like in the case of jewellery, direct or short channels are used, whereas products like detergents whose unit value is low use longer channels of distribution. Perishable goods like fruits, vegetables and dairy products can’t afford to use longer channels as they may perish during their transit. Manufacturers of these goods often opt for direct or single-level channels of distribution.

It is also necessary to embark on the right channel for the right product or services at the right time and place been delivered. Especially perishable – products such storage of which is impossible in an environment where not supported low temperature. The storage conditions for perishable products, even in the refrigerator, are different.

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The pure wholesalers are, however, those merchants who concentrate entirely on the functions of buying and selling in large lots, and do not engage in the manufacturing or retailing activities. Generally, they maintain a warehouse or godown in some well-located part of the city. Two-level Channel – Two intermediaries, namely, wholesaler/distributor and retailer and present here. In case the intermediary is a distributor, this type of channel is used for specialty products like washing machines, refrigerators or industrial products. One-level Channel Only one intermediary between producer and consumers is present here.

It also helps the producers to study the market trends, fashion preferred by buyers and style trend of people. This system offers a two way communication and the price is regulated. The shortest channel of distribution of goods and services adopted by a producer is the zero level channel, where are absent between the producers and consumer. Certain goods, like the industrial machinery, are directly sold to the consumers. Costly goods like computers and luxury automobiles, are also directly sold. Some manufacturers open their own retail shops in many localities and sell goods directly to consumers.

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