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It was a straightforward port of MS Word 6. Starting with Word 95, releases of Word were named after the year of its release, instead of its version number. MS Word allows more customization of the Ribbon, adds a Backstage view for file management, has improved document navigation, allows creation and embedding of screenshots, and integrates with Word Web App.

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Microsoft Word, for example, displays the Word splash screen and loads the Normal template. But suppose you want Word to start without its splash screen and then load a template other than the Normal template. Or, you want to customize the process even more by loading an add-in or running a macro upon startup.

You can add options like this by using subcommands called command-line switches to an Office app’s startup command. If you want to use the customization just one time, you can type the command and switch in the Run dialog box Start menu in Microsoft Windows. If you want to use a particular switch many times or every time that you start the app, you can create a desktop shortcut that starts the program by using the same switch and parameters.

This article describes how to do both. It also includes a table that lists all of the switches and parameters that are available in the desktop Office apps. Using a command-line switch doesn’t mean you have to type the whole startup command at the command prompt. You can start the Office app as usual, by clicking the program icon on the desktop, or by clicking the program name on the Start menu. All startup methods essentially do the same thing: they run the app’s.

A command-line switch is a modifier that is added to the. A startup file with a switch looks like this. In this example, a command-line switch has been added to the. The switch consists of a forward slash and a word or abbreviation that indicates the switch’s action. This switch tells Outlook to launch without showing the Reading Pane. A switch is sometimes followed by one or more specific instructions called parameters, which give the program further information about how to run the.

For example, the following command tells Outlook to load a specific profile name upon startup. Switch names cannot be abbreviated and are not case-sensitive. However, their parameters are sometimes case-sensitive. When you use one of the Office startup commands, you must supply the full path to the product’s.

Verify the location of this file on your computer. This table shows the locations of the. In Windows 10, click the Search or Cortana icon in the taskbar, type Run , and then click Command Prompt in the results. In the Run dialog box, type a quotation mark, enter the full path for the app’s. Alternatively, click Browse to locate and select the file. In this case, the quotation marks are supplied automatically.

After the closing quotation mark, type a space, and then type the switch. For example, you might type:. The next time you start the app, it opens as usual. To make your customized startup available for repeated uses, see the next section.

You can use only one switch at a time. Starting an Office app with multiple switches is not supported. Right-click the Windows desktop, point to New , and then click Shortcut on the shortcut menu.

In the Create Shortcut Wizard , in the Type the location of the item box, type a double quotation mark ” , enter the full path for the app’s.

In this case, the quotation marks are added automatically. Following the closing quotation mark, type a space, and then type the switch and any parameters. If the parameter is a path to a location on your computer, and the path contains a space, it also must be enclosed in quotation marks. For example:. In the Type a name for this shortcut box, type a name for the shortcut, and then click Finish. To add the desktop shortcut to the Windows Start menu, right-click the shortcut, and then click Pin to Start menu on the shortcut menu.

Note: These lists don’t include all switches added since Office If you use command-line switches and want information about newer switches that are available, please respond Yes or No to the “Was this information helpful” question at the end of this topic. Then, in the box that appears, tell us which Office product and version you’re interested in. Example To start Word with a document based on a template called Myfax. Note: Do not include a space between the switch and the name of the template file.

Security Note: Because templates can store macro viruses, be careful about opening them or creating files based on new templates. Take the following precautions: run up-to-date antivirus software on your computer, set your macro security level to high, clear the Trust all installed add-ins and templates check box, use digital signatures, and maintain a list of trusted sources.

Example To start Word and open the template file Myfax. Example To start Word and open multiple files, such as MyFile. Example To start Word and create a new document based on file MyFile.

Example To start Word and open a copy of file MyFile. Word opens the file so that you can edit it. Starts Word and prevents add-ins and global templates including the Normal template from being loaded automatically.

Example To start Word and then load the add-in Sales. Note: Do not include a space between the switch and the add-in name. Security Note: Use caution when running executable files or code in macros or applications. Executable files or code can be used to carry out actions that might compromise the security of your computer and data. Starts Word and then runs a specific macro.

Example To start Word and then run the macro Salelead, type the following at the command prompt:. Note: Do not include a space between the switch and the macro name. Because macros can contain viruses, be careful about running them. Take the following precautions: run up-to-date antivirus software on your computer; set your macro security level to high; clear the Trust all installed add-ins and templates check box; use digital signatures; maintain a list of trusted publishers.

Starts a new instance of Word with no document open. Documents opened in each instance of Word will not appear as choices in the Switch Windows list of other instances.

Starts a new instance of Word with a blank document. Documents opened in each instance of Word will not appear as choices in the Switch Windows list of the other instances. Re-registers Word in the Windows registry. This switch starts Word, runs Office Setup, updates the Windows registry, and then closes.

Starts Word from the operating system shell so that Word responds to only one Dynamic Data Exchange DDE request for example, to print a document programmatically. Specifies a folder as the active working folder for example, the folder that is pointed to in the Save As dialog box. Forces Excel to bypass all files that are stored in startup directories, such as the default XLStart folder located in the directory where Excel or Microsoft Office is installed.

Note: If you use this switch without specifying a file, PowerPoint starts with no presentation open and NetMeeting conferencing is not started. Developers use this switch when testing add-ins. This example specifies the name of the template that the new presentation is based on: templatename. After you choose options and click OK , the dialog box closes, and PowerPoint prints the file and then closes. PrinterName is the name of the printer that appears in the Name box under Printer in the Print dialog box.

The empty quotation marks are necessary; the quotation marks around PrinterName and the path to the PPTX file are needed only if there are spaces in either of the names, but it is always a good idea to use them. Restores PowerPoint to the way it was before the program closed abnormally. When PowerPoint restarts, it will attempt to recover and restore some aspects of the state of the program and presentations before it closed.

Note: The playlist file is a list of presentation file names preceded by the path as needed. It is not possible to add additional command-line switches to the individual presentations within the playlist.

If no item type is specified, IPM. Note is assumed. Cannot be used with message classes that are not based on Outlook. Deletes any custom category names that you have created. Restores categories to the default names.

CAT entries for a conversation thread usually expire 30 days after no activity. The command-line switch clears all conversation tagging, ignore, and moving rules immediately stopping any additional actions. Outlook , only. All previous roamed preferences are deleted and copied again from the local settings on the computer where this switch is used. Therefore, it is recommended that you only run this command when your Outlook profile only contains the one, target mailbox.

This is useful if you cannot delete one of these subscriptions within Outlook Overrides the programmatic lockout that determines which of your computers when you run Outlook at the same time processes meeting items. The lockout process helps prevent duplicate reminder messages.

This switch clears the lockout on the computer it is used. This enables Outlook to process meeting items. Imports the contents of an. If Outlook is already open, queues the profile to be imported on the next clean start.

Provides a way for the user to add an e-mail name to the item. Loads the specified profile. If your profile name contains a space, enclose the profile name in quotation marks ” “. Opens the Choose Profile dialog box regardless of the Options setting on the Tools menu. Starts Outlook by using an existing Outlook window, if one exists. Note: This is the same command as Upgrade to Color Categories in each Outlook mailbox properties dialog box. Resets default folder names such as Inbox or Sent Items to default names in the current Office user interface language.

For example, if you first connect to your mailbox in Outlook by using a Russian user interface, the Russian default folder names cannot be renamed.



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Download Microsoft Office Free Full Version 64 Bit — This is a collection of well-known office productivity microsoft office word 2007 free for windows 8 64 bit free created by Microsoft and has been developed for more than a decade. As the most popular productivity application, it is obvious that almost every single computer in the world installed it.

Inside this software package, you can found several applications such as Word, Excel, Powerpoint, and others that can extremely boost your productivity.

Although several newer versions are already rolling in the market, such as MS Office and MS Officeyet so many people still find and download office full version for their pc. Nevertheless, that does not mean this old version is a version that is not feasible to use anymore. For those with windows games folder free low pc specifications, this version is mostly a lifesaver. Luckily, in this article, we will review and provide the Office download link for free forever.

This software also has features that are no microsoft office word 2007 free for windows 8 64 bit free than the newer version. The main applications all have a radical new look and new file formats. Besides, this application also has a very small size compared to the latest Microsoft Office. Because of this small size matter, this application can be used very well and lightly on various platforms.

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