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Pc games for windows 7 professional free.Download Games for Windows: Updates for Windows 7 from Official Microsoft Download Center


When I think of the best games for Windows 7 the list is never ending but there is a huge difference between the running a game on your OS and running a game smoothly on your OS. A wide variety of games can be played on Windows 7 but not all of them are going to give you a good experience. A lot of games can be played with lower graphics settings and such, you might even lag or your FPS might drop a lot but they will still run.

I decided to make a list of games that you can play smoothly on Windows 7. There are other games that will run on Windows 7 but here I will list only the best games from different genres that you can play on Windows 7 without making any compromise. Be it I. I 2 this game was our childhood. IGI gave us the real feel of operating as a secret agent, a soldier. I 2 came out later and became one of the first few games that gave us the thrilling feel of being a secret agent. The story was ordinary but the game-play was top notch.

One of the very well crafted FPS game of that time. Even though the story was basic and not too complicated, the game itself was more complicated than the other FPS games. It managed to impress the gamers with the toughness of the gameplay. This game revolves around Jones and his friend Jack Priboi. The game is mostly based on Jones eliminating the mafias and all kind of wrong people. The game has different stages and every one of them takes time.

The maps are big enough and you get to shoot and engage a huge army of enemies before you can complete your objective and fly out. You can crawl, snatch, run, become a sniper, throw grenades, use a rocket launcher and blast buildings away with C4. The stages can be really complicated and might take time to figure out. There are guides available on the internet that I suggest you should not use.

Crysis was a fan favorite because of its graphics and storyline. The storyline and the graphics both made the game fan favorite however in the graphics might not look as you expected but back when the game was launched it was one of the best games to play on Windows 7 with a low-end computer.

The physics used in the game was top notch. The game is a stand-alone expansion game, it does not require you to have Crysis. The Crysis Warhead refined and updated the original game.

The game has new multiplayer content and it also shows a new optimized version of the Cry Engine 2. You can use multiple futuristic weapons, even plasma shooting guns or a nano-suit with superhuman abilities. Need for Speed: Most Wanted, what can I say about this game. If you are a gamer you already love the Need for Speed franchise. The other Need for Speed games came and go but Most Wanted arrived to stay for a long time and it still is one of the best open world racing games ever made.

Needless to say, every game in the series has an amazing storyline with detailed scenes. The graphics of the game was top-notch. A lot of gamers will disagree now but when the game was released it came out with a bang. It was Most Wanted that made the entire Need for Speed family alive again. There might be a huge pile of Need for Speed games but none of them will ever beat this beast. The gamers were tired of bad physics and bad graphics and this game came out with exactly what we all wanted, good physics, good graphics, amazing chasing scenes, realistic cop chase and the Blacklist 15 of illegal racers was the cherry on top.

An open world racing game with thrill, chase sequences, good physics, and a proper storyline. What else do you want? I still have the game and I still play it. It can never get old. It was the 9th creation of the Need for Speed family and still the best racing game to play on Windows 7. Here is the Number 2 on our list.

Max Payne 3, how can someone leave Max Payne out of list right? Well, I did not. The long-awaited third product of the Max Payne series arrived in The game was scheduled to release long before its original release date, the game was announced in but the release postponed multiple times.

The game first released on console in May but in June the game was finally released for PC gamers. Rockstar Vancouver was the new and lead developer of the game. In this sequel, Max is not anymore a police officer.

He moves to Brazil and joins the private security industry. In the game, he is protecting a rich businessman and his family. However, things go wrong and a little dramatic in the new city as his journey begins.

The game has 14 chapters and as always a very strong and addictive storyline to keep the players attached to the game. The graphics will not let you down, if you already have played the first two Max Payne game then you can only imagine Max Payne 3 getting better and not worse. The game has Kill Cam, slow-motion fighting sequences. Overall the gameplay and the storyline will make you feel like you are trapped into a movie and you are the character as you play.

Processor: Intel Dual Core 2. The last and the top game in our list is Dota2. Why Dota2? Dota2 is standing in an extraordinary place right now. Every day millions of players get online in this game developed by Valve Corporation and mastermind Icefrog to play and battle against the enemy team.

It does not matter if you have hours of gameplay time or , you will always discover something new and learn. Same map, a large pool of heroes, an even larger pool of items to make for your heroes yet a different game every time you play it.

Dota2 is played between 2 teams of 5 players. The basic of the game is to defend your side of the map and destroy enemy buildings. Whichever team destroys the core enemy building The Ancient first wins the game, anything else is just the amazing filler of the game.

However, Dota2 might not be a new user-friendly game but it is indeed addictive. The steep learning curve, thousands of options in the game, and the complicated gameplay make it harder for new users to learn, it is considered the most complicated MOBA of all time yet it has achieved the title of most played game of all time with a huge active player base that plays the game every day.

The game is totally free to play and offers everything free, all heroes are free to play and it is not a free-to-play and pay-to-win game. It is the most balanced MOBA of all time. You only can pay for the cosmetics if you want to make your hero look good. The game receives regular updates through bi-weekly patches and a major update once a year that decided the meta for the year.

It has its own active professional playing scene and currently sitting on the top of the E-sports. New User posted their first comment. Log in. Manage your profile. Max Payne 3. Rounak “FL45H” Roy. Modified 30 Nov Edited by Mayank Vora 8 Reactions.

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